All You Need To Know About Range Bags For Women

range bag contentsThe range bag is arguably one of the most essential accessories for any recreational or competitive shooter.  Typically, range bags were associated with male shooters as they had a masculine context; however, this type of item has now become quite gender-neutral and there are various types of range bags available for the female shooter.  The range bags created for women are not only practical but also cater to the need for fashionable attractiveness.  This means that female shooters are now able to transport their shooting goods while making fashion statements.  This article will provide information about the new and exciting type of range bags for women. You can see reviews on several top models of range bags including 5.11, Maxpedition and others, over at

The top quality range bags for the female shooter present with different styles, but they are now manufactured with standard features.  The first is the double zip with a Velcro fastener to ensure that all items are kept secure.  The adjustable compartments or partitions are created to ensure all items are well-organized and meet a female’s need to keep the shooting gear separate from shopping items.  The features are ideal as they draw the line between an untidy bag requiring extensive searching to find items and a tidy bag with a place for everything.  As range bags, there is a need for compartments for guns and shooting accessories.  Many new range bags present with separate pockets pre-designed to hold guns and ammunition.

The most convenient aspect of these range bags is that they present with removable inserts.  Typically, a female would need to purchase padded inserts separately when using a standard tote bag; however, this is “part and parcel” of new range bags.  The removable inserts or fabric adds value to the item and will also reduce the number of accessories an owner spends on the item itself.  After all, there is little point in purchasing a half-complete bag when it is possible to purchase a complete bag with compartments for all equipment.

The top-shelf, high quality shooting range bag for female shooters is appealing not only due to its design and structure, but also due to the comfort of size.  The majority of bags created for females are meant to be less obtrusive or intimidating than those created for mean; however, this does not always seem to be the case and many females will continue to use bulky bags (sometimes more than one) to accommodate all accessories.  The range bags for women are beneficial in that they make use of the extra space and remove any unnecessary features.  This ensures the bag is lightweight, compact, and very comfortable to carry when filled with equipment due to the straps and padding.

While some range bags for women will continue to take the shape of range bags designed for men, it is important to note that there are certain special features that tend to differentiate bags A from bags B.  It is often seen that the bags for women, even if they are similar to the design for men, will be more fashionable in their appearance and are easier to use.  The padded straps tend to increase comfort and convenience as well.