What is the best airsoft gun

LA Gun Slingers Airsoft Gun

When you decide to get the best airsoft gun for you, first thing you need to decide is how much money you want to spend on it. The price not relates only to your wallet, but also to on how much you are goiing to use it. If you’re new to this, it doesn’t make sense to start with the high-priced airsoft gun. It’s wiser to begin with a cheap gun and to step it up from there.

Take a good thought on your play: CQB, sniping, support gunner or covering fire. Various airsoft guns fit better specific jobs and they come with specific features that make them right for that job.

Like a general rule, stay away from anything below $50 as it’s made of plastic and is not going to last more than a week.

Take a look at the popular models as they come with plenty of info and reviews that might help you choose your airsoft gun. This doesn’t mean you can take a peak on the less popular models also as they might offer exactly what you need.

As tempted as you might get by a heavy weight airsoft gun, stay away from them especially in the beginning. This doesn’t apply if you have the upper body strength to carry around one and handle it, of course.

Keep in mind that there are three main categories of airsoft guns. The gas/gas blowback models have a realistic recoil to it and recoil like a real gun. The spring guns don’t need batteries or gas and you only have to pull the cocking mechanism back before every shot.

The AEG/AEP guns use gears to pull the spring and ran by electric batteries. They are the most common airsoft guns and give the widest range of variety and quality.